2023 Weed Harvesting Schedule

In January 2022, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) transferred harvesting employees and ownership of the harvesting equipment to the Lake Hopatcong Commission (the Commission).   Now in its second season, Commission employees including seasonal harvesting staff started safety training this week (May 15th), and began transporting machines from their winter storage facility to the lake.  Harvesting will begin by the end of the week.

The program for 2023 will be the same as 2022.  Floating weeds will be collected on Fridays and Mondays.  Prior to 2022 floating weeds were collected only on Fridays.  The Commission will provide an estimated harvesting schedule in two-week blocks throughout the summer.  Generally, the harvesters will move from south to north up the lake. The schedule is subject to change dependent on weather, staffing, and mechanical breakdowns.


May 15th – May 26th Harvesters are being transported to Lake Hopatcong from their winter storage facility.  The area between Hopatcong State Park Dam and Point Pleasant will be completed as part of operator training.

May 30th – June 9th Harvesting operators have completed training and will begin harvesting in King Cove, the south side of Bertrand Island to Bedbug Island and also Landing Channel, Point Pleasant going west toward Ingram Cove.

June 12th – June 16th Harvesters will complete the area between the south shore of Bertrand’s Island Ingram Cove/Point Pleasant and then move up along the western shoreline toward the north side of Bertrand’s Island.

June 19th – June 23rd This week two harvesters will travel to Henderson Cove and two harvesters will go to Crescent Cove to address heavy plant growth. Harvesters will return to Van Every and Great Cove the week of 6/26.

June 26 – June 30th Despite the rainstorms our crew harvested Van Every, Crescent and Henderson Coves this week.

July 3rd – July 14th – Two harvesters will move north of Brady Bridge and work from the northern most part of the lake down toward the bridge.  Two harvesters will remain south of Brady Bridge and harvest the main lake area including Nolan’s, Halsey, Raccoon, and other areas remaining south of the bridge.

The schedule is subject to change dependent on weather, staffing, and mechanical breakdowns.  Additional scheduling information will be released at the conclusion of the prior two-week block.